Throwback Thursday: Yarn And Flowers

This is the first time I’ve posted for TBT in a while. I’ve had a lot of others things going on and it hasn’t been a top priority. I have two photos to share for TBT. One from timehop and one from my camera roll. With the seasons changing, flowers look great rather then cold weather.

One day at the shop, I decided to play with my I-phone and took a picture of different colors of yarn. This photo of the yarn popped up on timehop from a year ago. I love knitting and crocheting with yarns of all kinds. These yarns were given to me by one of our artists in the shop. Photo from #timehop

This photo was taken on Labor Day 2013 at The Log Jam Restaurant in Lake George, New York. I love the summer, flowers, and sunny days. I say this because winter is on it’s way and I’m so not looking forward to winter. Winter makes me feel like a bear in hibernation. Last year winter was not fun.

A Pretty Presentation Makes Salads Menu

I’ve decided for my series of A Pretty Presentation Makes books, I want to write a series of salad recipe cookbooks.  If you’re interested in looking at these recipes, stop by my sidebar and visit APrePresMakes Salads.  You’ll find salads with meat, vegetables, fruit, and much more.  Cookbooks are in the works and will for sale on my etsy shop.  My 1st recipe is Dole Salad Bag recipes.  Quick, easy, and are delicious with a main dish or on it’s own.  My main blog page will continue to focus on art, holidays, packaging, knitting, crochet, and polymer clay art.  See a new recipe added to the side of my recipe menu, when a recipe has been added.  Salad recipes will be added all year round.  Eat healthy, be happy this winter.  Salads will be filling and satisfying.  Stay tuned for my cookbooks and more.

Tis Near Halloween

Even though Magic is gone, Ginger and I are looking forward to Halloween. Last year, I was a witch and Ginger was my prisoner. This year, I don’t know what I’m gonna be, and Ginger’s costume is in the works.

Everyday, I’m moving on without Magic physically present at home, but she will remain in our hearts. I always called her my Halloween kitty.

This was last year’s costumes and this is the Halloween quote for 2014.


My other favorite part of Halloween is the candy. Mom always makes these sweet little Halloween bags for the kids and I love handing them out. We always buy a candy we’ll enjoy because we don’t get to many trick or treaters. I’m looking forward to sharing my Halloween adventure with you on October 31st, 2014.

Halloween Giveaway

I’ve decided to try something new for A Pretty Presentation Makes.  I want people to see my artwork, see my fan page, and give something special for Halloween, for free.  From October 11th-October 31th, like my facebook fanpage, A Pretty Presentation Makes and receive a free glow in the dark pumpkin brooch.  Simply go to my fan page button on the right hand side, like my fan page.  Then click on the giveaway button and receive your free pumpkin brooch.  Grab your free brooch and have it mailed to your home for Halloween.

It's A Rippled Pendant, It's Free,

It’s A Rippled Pendant, It’s Free,

And It Glows In The Dark.  Like My Fan Page, And Win This Free Brooch.

And It Glows In The Dark. Like My Fan Page, And Win This Free Brooch.